Swiss Theatre Awards


Nominated for the Schweizer Kleinkunstpreis 2018


Multifaceted situational comedy

Lapsus are Christian Höhener, who was born in Thal in 1969, and Peter Winkler (Dietikon,1968). They have been working as a double act for more than twenty years. The pair met in 1991 at the Scuola Teatro Dimitri, which they attended after training as a primary school teacher and structural engineering draughtsman, respectively. While at drama school they developed their first number, a parody based on Swiss wrestling. After graduating in 1995 they immediately won an award: the Goldener Scheinwerfer (“Golden Spotlight”), a show talent competition that laid the foundation stone for their career. Appearances on TV and various stages around Europe followed, and 2007 saw them on tour with Zirkus Knie. In 2001 Höhener and Winkler received the Central European Kleinkunstpreis and were nominated four times for the Prix Walo; in 2010 they won the Arosa Humorfüller, the artists’ prize of the Arosa comedy festival.

At the heart of Lapsus are its characters Theo Hitzig (Winkler), wearing a black suit that’s slightly too small, and Bruno Gschwind (Höhener), who is almost swallowed up by his orange overalls. The duo employ a wide array of techniques in their act: song, acrobatics, theatre, wordplay and, in particular, video films produced in advance that they integrate into their live shows in witty and surprising ways. The comics have evolved a very distinctive style, and are as multifaceted as the genres they work in. From subtle to profound and sometimes even coarse, they strike the right note for every situation – an especially handy skill in their tailor-made format of company comedy, which they produce at corporate events. In 2015 Lapsus revisited the highlights of their previous five programmes and twenty years of comedy together in their “Grand Jubilee Show”.
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