Swiss Theatre Awards

Federal Theatre Jury

Federal Theatre Jury

It was appointed in early summer 2013 and consists of nine members. Each has been elected for a two-year period, and the maximum term of office is six years. The jury’s chair is Gianfranco Helbling. The jury have a wide range of professional backgrounds and are drawn from the various regions of Switzerland. They have been selected to represent as many facets and trends within the theatre world as possible, as well as other fields such as theatre education and cabaret, a genre within the performing arts.


Members of the Jury

Gianfranco HelblingBarbara AnderhubMathias BalzerDanielle ChaperonAnne FournierMarkus JossNicolette KretzKaa LinderThierry Luisier


Former members of the Jury

Anja DirksHeinz GublerGardi HutterMathieu MenghiniMyriam Prongué